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July 2020 : UML’s has launched a new product line for diagnostic products in the wave of Covid-19 pandemic – TestPac

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Universal Medicap Ltd. (UML) is a leading manufacturer of parenteral primary packaging solutions for pharmaceutical applications. We are committed to meet & exceed customer expectations by ensuring the highest standard of product quality and services.

UML was established in 1989 with a vision to protect the health and safety of patients worldwide. We cater to both domestic and global pharmaceutical and healthcare companies with products that protect the effective life of parenterally administered drug products.

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Universal Medicap Ltd. is a leading rubber stopper manufacturer. We are entrusted by the pharmaceutical industry across the world making us completely reliable for our customers.

In-house tool room for customized design and mould development

In-house Gamma Irradiation facility

Dedicated R&D efforts for continuous quality improvement

Solutions for customized formulation development

Regulatory support - Type III USDMF & Master File Health Canada

Extractable data available

Options for RFS (Ready For Sterilization) & RFU (Ready For Use) stoppers

Products complying to all major Pharmacopoeias & ISO standards

Production capacity of 5 million stoppers per day

Shortest lead time for delivery

Cost effective products and services

Customer centric approach


  • Infusion
  • Antibiotic
  • Lyophilization


  • Plungers
  • Cartridges


  • Tool Room
  • Cartridges


Universal Medicap Ltd. (UML)

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19 Jul 2020
UML’s has launched a new product line for diagnostic products in the wave of Covid-19 pandemic


Gamma Radiation

  • Healthcare Products
  • Food & Allied Products

Packing Guidance

  • Packing Guidance
  • Materials Guidance


    • High chemical inertness
    • Non-cytotoxic
    • Low extractibles (extractible data available)
    • Unconventionally Cured
    • Free from natural/latex rubber, zinc, 2-MCBT, nitrosoamine
    • Low residual moisture
    • Low coring/fragmentation
    • Low piercing force
    • Good spike retention-zero leakage
    • Compatible for steam & gamma sterilization process
    • Suitable for wide variety of products/application like antibiotics,
    • vaccines, oncology, insulin etc

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