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UML Biomedia

UML Biomedia is the high-tech Facility of Biomedia for monitoring and environment control. It has been incorporated to manufacture perfectly prepared plates for Identification, Isolation and Detection of all types of bacteria, yeast and fungi. This facility to manufacture biomedia plates is maintained as per cGMP standards.

Preparation of microbiology media Plate in-house is a time consuming and error prone process. You require qualified and trained microbiologists along with stringent processes, to guarantee the Consistency, Quality, Recovery of Stressed Organisms at critical points, Quantitative Performance, Physical Appearance and Stability of Media.
UML Biomedia offers the excellent solution for testing of Pharmaceutical Critical Environment Monitoring, Surface Monitoring, Isolators and Regular GPT of Products.
Product Sizes & Packaging
UML Perfect Biomedia prepared plates are available in all sizes i.e. 55mm (contact plates) and 90mm (settle plates) for all the regular selective & non-selective media as per application in different segments like Pharma, Food & Beverages, R & D units, Hospitals and Clinics. We also make customized media as per user’s requirement and application. Product name, expiry date and lot number are imprinted on each pack for safe and easy product identification and shelf life monitoring. Our “Triple Wrapped Gamma Irradiated” media is specifically designed for Clean Rooms and Isolators. Intermediate wrapping that is impervious to chemical decontamination (H2O2) is included.
Unique Product Features