''Offering highest standards of product quality & services are our guiding principles.''


Offering the highest quality and innovation are our guiding principles. These principles are our driving force to ensure we deliver components for various applications that make a difference. Because we care.

Collaborative R&D efforts lead us to new application development. UML’s rubber stoppers are designed and manufactured with physical, chemical and biological attributes to ensure the safety, integrity and efficacy of the parentral products.

The pharmaceutical industry trusts us and our ability to deliver high-quality and customized parenteral packaging solutions. As a high-volume manufacturer with decades of experience, UML holds the capacity to produce 5 million rubber stoppers in a day.

Our stoppers are suitable for wide range of products like dry powders, liquids, lyophilized, antibiotics, vaccines, anti cancer/oncology, etc.

Product Range

Serum Stoppers - 13 mm & 20 mm

Lyo. Stoppers - 13 mm & 20 mm

Infusion / LVP Stoppers - 28 mm & 32 mm

Fluorocoted Stoppers - 13 mm & 20 mm

Blood Collection tube Stoppers

Lids & Gaskets for Aluminium Canisters

Key Common Features

Options for various polymers like Butyl, Bromobutyl, Chlorobutyl, Nitrile, Silicon etc.

Options for customized designs and formulations

Options of Ready For Sterlization (RFS) & Ready For Use stoppers (RFU)

Products filed with TYPE III USDMF and TYPE II Master File - Health Canada