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UML UNISAFE range of products are offered in RFS (Ready for Sterilization) & RFU (Ready for Use)

We take care to preserve the sanctity and integrity of drugs.

While continuing our rich legacy, we are proud to introduce a new range of high-quality barrier-protected laminated component packaging products that will enhance the efficiency and efficacy of high-value drugs. The ETFE fluoropolymer barrier film is applied to the plug area and flange top surface. These are:

Lyophilization and Serum Stoppers: Our UNISAFE lyophilization and serum fluoro coated stoppers are protected with a barrier film. Our RFU and RFS processing help reduce absorption and adsorption of the drug safe product.
Cartridge/Prefilled Syringe Plungers: Our plungers with UNISAFE barrier film ensure minimal drug-product interactions.

Universal Medicap Limited (UML) also provides packaging component quality enhancement services, including films, coatings, washes, and sterilization processes, to minimize contamination and compatibility risks. Our eco-friendly packaging solutions ensure product protection, quality, patient comfort, and security while preserving dosage quality, preventing damage, and safeguarding pharmaceutical components.

Why Choose UML UNISAFE Range of Stoppers and Plungers?
Many Issues; One Solution

UNISAFE is one answer to multiple problems viz.,

Integrated Containment and Aseptic Barrier Technology:

With UML UNISAFE, you are 100% safe.

As a result, Barrier film-based packaging is more durable and resistant to shop-worn appearance, unlike foil-based packaging.

Infusion Stoppers

Lyophilization Closures

Serum Closures